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Update on the N2N Community Forum

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On behalf of our co-hosts, Haisla Nation and the District of Kitimat, and all our sponsors, thank you so much to those that joined us last week at the Nation2Nation Haisla Kitimat Community Forum.

Hats off to our Northwest BC Nation2Nation team (in picture above). This was our first full livestreamed and multi day event with high security, logistics from all over the province and multi venue setup (and take down).Yeah team!

Technology is just amazing.

Our event was sold out at 150 the first day and 100 the 2nd day (due to space). We chose to livestream it so that we could virtually allow more people into the room. We had NO IDEA the impact of opening up to the world wide web. On our first day we had anywhere from 40 up to 450 people join us on our livestreams. Then on the 2nd day because we had the Premier, we had 2100 people join our event.

You might be wondering why we would share the event live on the internet. Don’t we want people to buy tickets and join us live? Of course, we do. However, we also want the work we do to reach people at every level. With tickets starting from $150-$250, we close the opportunity to people that are unable to afford the prices. We cannot make our tickets cheaper as the events cost a lot to run. So, instead, we have started to livestream them.

Not matter how much we put online, we know for sure that our attendees get great value from attending live our events. We personally help to ensure that partnerships and connections are made and sponsors get enormous value from being a part of our events.

If First Nations led responsible economic development in the NorthWest (and entire Province) is of interest to you, then think about joining us Oct 19th & 20th in Terrace for our next one. Click here for more info. 


More photos will be added to these Facebook albums in the coming days as our photographers send us back edited photos. Keep checking back to the links above to get all the photos.

Did you miss Day 2 or perhaps you want to share the content of the event with your team in the office? Click on the links below to watch the recorded videos.

Day 1 (click the link below & then push the play button to start the video)

Day 2

PS. We apologize for the quality of the video as it was livestreamed for a social network.

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