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Short answer: YES!

There are different types of videos that can be produced: Professional video productions (what Mick & our team do!), V-logging (Shauna’s early days- flip cam video blogging) and Event promo (sample below) videos.

At LW Communications we are always testing and trying out new techniques. Check out this video that was shot as a selfie on an iphone for one of Shauna’s side projects. (Mick was busy!)

Since this video is only going to be up for 2 weeks or so, we wanted something short and sweet. Videos are becoming more of the medium online to build relationships. Being able to share what your business does easily and economically will become important. Over the next few months, we will be exploring iphone videography (apps, tools etc.) for fast and fun videos.

As always, this means that we will be teaching what we learn. OF COURSE, this also means we will test it in our other businesses before designing it into a future workshop.

PS. This DOES NOT replace high production videos online for things like brand videos and explainer videos (another thing we are currently exploring too!).

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