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Thanks to Camille Macdonald (@Camillereports) of CKPG News for featuring a video on Shauna’s passion for the city and the secret sauce for building our business in the North.


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Thanks to CKPG for featuring this on last night’s news. Check out the video here:

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Thank you

We are very excited to announce that Shauna Harper from Live Work Communications will be on Premier’s Women’s Economic Council. The news was just released today at 2pm by the Office of the Premier. As a business owner of a digital marketing company in Northern BC with a passion for cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Northern region, Shauna will be joining women leaders from all over the province.

Read the official news release here: 

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Tonight was the Business Excellence Awards and I won Business Person of the Year! Craziness … Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me and those that supported me through this journey…especially Mick Harper. This honestly is just the beginning of incredible things to come in this city and for the StartupPG community too.






Thanks to all the media coverage from all over the community. Here’s is one of my favourite interviews.

Also, since Mick and I didn’t even bring our camera, we had no footage of the event (minus some bad iphone pics). Luckily for us, Steph the Video Guy (Nexus Video) was recording the entire event. Thanks Steph for putting into video my shaky speech and awful outfit 🙂 It was a 70’s themed event! Believe me, if I knew I was going to win, I would have chosen a MUCH MUCH different outfit. Seriously though Steph, thank you for doing this for us. (An extra big thanks from my mom!).

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