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Q&A on Northern Development Initiative Trust

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We have worked with a number of resource based companies in Northern BC that have been able to offset the investment of their marketing strategy (video production, website development, promotional materials) by using the Northern Development Initiative Trust’s “Competitive Consultant Rebate” program.

Once you figure out if your company qualifies, there is an application process to go through. We often help our clients by structuring our proposals to answer many of the questions the application requires. However, your company still needs to apply directly. You can check out their website to view their different programs, rebates and whether your company qualifies.

Although you can also go onto the website to find out more about them, today I came across an article in Business in Vancouver where they covered a quick Q&A on Janine North, the CEO of NDIT.

In the article, she discusses in a nutshell what the trust does for the Northern region, how it is here to help our economy and how they still have $218 million in the bank.

Don’t miss this article. Check it out here


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