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Inaugural N2N Event

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It was very exciting to be a part of this inaugural event. As an associate to All Nations Consulting in Prince Rupert, we helped with the website, all the designs (invites, table cards, name tags, agendas) and marketing strategy. The best part of the entire project was being at the event and watching all the moving pieces come together. For the first time in the Northern Region, we were able to see a conversation that was led by the First Nations people. Shauna also had a chance to meet changemaker leaders such as Chief Bernie Mack, Chief Ellis Ross, Chief Joe Alphonse, and Chief Roger William! SO INSPIRING.

Here are some pictures from the N2N Forum in Terrace on Nov 5th. It was a powerful event that brought industry and First Nations together in a conversation led by First Nations people. Going through these pictures once again reminded me why this conversation is so important. Looking forward to bringing it to ‪#‎cityofpg‬ in 2016! (If you check out instagram, you will see a picture of the after party dinner that we had with all the Chiefs too!).


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