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A Speaker Series Luncheon with keynote speaker: Shauna Harper

It has been said that companies who prioritize a triple bottom line far outperform those who don’t.  How can you be involved in social good, benefit your business and build your brand?  Join community builder and entrepreneur Shauna Harper for lunch as she shares her experience and lessons learned around social cause, community building and business growth.

You will learn:
– Why social good is important from a business perspective
– How to get involved in social good whether you are an entrepreneur or a larger organization
– How to build strategy around this for your business and not dilute your brand


As with all networking events and luncheons, the greatest value is meeting people in person. However, if you are unable to attend, you must have a good reason 🙂 ! If you can’t make it to the event but would like to hear the talk, we will be livestreaming it via Periscope (application use in conjunction with Twitter).

At around 12:15pm (give or take a few minutes on each side as it dependant on the flow of the live event), visit Shauna’s Twitter Profile to get the livestream feed. Click here to be directed there now.

To follow along with the slides, click here for the PDF.

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Instagram News! This is great news for those of you managing more than 1 account. Instagram is probably our favourite platform. Starting this week, you can easily switch between multiple accounts without having to log out and log back in. Whether you’re a small business managing your personal and business account, a brand manager managing multiple brand accounts or an agency partner managing multiple client accounts, you can add up to five accounts with one login. Click below to read more direct from Instagram.

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It is a very exciting time for the City of PG. We have been working hard with different clients to get them ready to communicate online with the 10,000 visitors coming to visit. It is important to include in your marketing strategy a way to reach out ahead of time to athletes (their families), teams and also stay close to your current champions and customers. Let us know if we can help.

Check out this great pic Mick took from the opening night! Let the games begin… 10985415_854435447928537_5928600571875632906_n

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Short answer: YES!

There are different types of videos that can be produced: Professional video productions (what Mick & our team do!), V-logging (Shauna’s early days- flip cam video blogging) and Event promo (sample below) videos.

At LW Communications we are always testing and trying out new techniques. Check out this video that was shot as a selfie on an iphone for one of Shauna’s side projects. (Mick was busy!)

Since this video is only going to be up for 2 weeks or so, we wanted something short and sweet. Videos are becoming more of the medium online to build relationships. Being able to share what your business does easily and economically will become important. Over the next few months, we will be exploring iphone videography (apps, tools etc.) for fast and fun videos.

As always, this means that we will be teaching what we learn. OF COURSE, this also means we will test it in our other businesses before designing it into a future workshop.

PS. This DOES NOT replace high production videos online for things like brand videos and explainer videos (another thing we are currently exploring too!).

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This video has not been up very long. We have posted it on our Facebook page, Linkedin and a few tweets on Twitter and it already has over 1000 views.

If you are also interested in figuring out if you have online assets or liabilities check out this video. In it, you will also find out which assets you should be building first.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can post them below or email us.

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We answer this question all the time… or more like, we consult on this answer all the time.

The visual look and feel of your brand on Facebook is just as important as the words that you post. As we surf Facebook business pages, we see a lot of pages that are incongruent to either what the company is sell or the type of demographic they are trying to reach.

Listen to this video as Kayli shares: What types of photos you should be posting on Facebook.

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I get asked this question over and over again… Watch episode #2 to find out how marketing in smaller communities (under 100,000) is DIFFERENT than in larger urban centres.

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We have worked with a number of resource based companies in Northern BC that have been able to offset the investment of their marketing strategy (video production, website development, promotional materials) by using the Northern Development Initiative Trust’s “Competitive Consultant Rebate” program.

Once you figure out if your company qualifies, there is an application process to go through. We often help our clients by structuring our proposals to answer many of the questions the application requires. However, your company still needs to apply directly. You can check out their website to view their different programs, rebates and whether your company qualifies.

Although you can also go onto the website to find out more about them, today I came across an article in Business in Vancouver where they covered a quick Q&A on Janine North, the CEO of NDIT.

In the article, she discusses in a nutshell what the trust does for the Northern region, how it is here to help our economy and how they still have $218 million in the bank.

Don’t miss this article. Check it out here


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