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Catalyst for Growth – Prince George Change Makers Come Together

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There were many things shared from the heart at the Catalyst for Growth event yesterday but one particular moment that has been etched in my mind is exactly why I love this community so much.

The moment was when someone shared her story behind why we need to intervene & support when we see young girls struggling with belonging in more boy dominated sports groups. You could see her holding back her emotion and tears as she spoke. As a facilitator standing up I could see the room physically lean into to her energy and vulnerability right at that moment as if to say, “we’ve got you, you’re safe!” 

We were never meant to do this alone.

So proud of the capacity we continue to build in the ‪#‎cityofpg‬ to have real conversations that matter and allow space for the collective wisdom that inspires change in our community(and beyond) to surface!


I was also able to share and thank a big champion of mine & show the ripple effect of when you ‪#‎beherchampion‬ what it can mean to not just me but the community, province and country. Thank you Albert Koehler! (He was the one that nudged me to Chamber networking events when I said I was uncomfortable and not ready to go)

Here is a radio clip of the event from CBC Daybreak North – Thank you to Alison Hoskins from Integris Credit Union, Amanda Fenton (my wonderful co-facilitator) and Sarah from Northern Development Initiative Trust. Definitely take the time to listen in here.

BIG HUGE shout out to Women’s Enterprise Centre for always making sure Prince George is on your radar. Thank you for bringing Catalyst for Growth into our community. This is just the beginning…

PS. Thank you to Shirley Bond for ensuring that BC Government supported this project in all 4 communities, Integris Credit Union to being leaders around collaborative conversations and saying yes to sponsoring Catalyst in PG and Vitality Laser and Skin for sponsoring us too!


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