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Major changes happening with LinkedIn that will make you want to look more into your profile to build your brand. Click here for the article from Inc Magazine.

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It is amazing to be able to get Michael Shuman here!

He’s a world-renowned economist and author. His workshop will be about building community prosperity in Prince George. Event is FREE because of the sponsorship by the City of PG, Integris Credit Union and Innovation Central Society. Free, but seats are LIMITED! Reserve your ticket.

Join world-renowned economist and author Michael Shuman for a workshop about building community prosperity in Prince George.

Workshop Overview

The Local Economy Solution workshop helps communities develop succesful strategies to strengthen their local economies. Michael Shuman presents a “local living economies” (LLE) approach to economic development that focuses on local business, creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports them, and invites community participation.

Discuss how these strategies can be applied in Prince George. Learn how to conduct a leakage analysis on our community, to find out where money leaves the community and to figure out ways to plug those leaks. Think creatively with others in your community who want to strengthen Prince George’s economy.

UPDATE: Here are some photos from the event

13321697_1740108952902322_3115568728221118937_n 13319769_1740108959568988_6020938152904172345_n

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We just walked both farmers markets in the City of PG‬ and the entrepreneurial & creative spirit is alive and strong in our city! Many have said that there isn’t room in a city our size to have 2 different markets…but after seeing both, I believe we need both!

As a downtown business, I selfishly would like them to be both downtown of course. However, the new Wilson Square Farmers Market at the Pine Centre mall has attracted a lot more vendors. And more vendors, means more to see…. and more creative energy in our city. Sometimes things need to move apart and cool down before they come back together again.

Hats off to both organizers that run the markets.

Definitely check them both out.‬ 


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