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I had an incredible week in the Northwest! As we do research for our next major project, I travel the region to find out what other communities are doing when it comes to inspiring youth.

We were invited to spend an inspiring couple of days at the RCMP Healthy Youth Summit in Terrace‬. I watched as Nisga’a kids proudly opened up the rooms by creating space and presence via their voices and dancing.  There was so much energy in the room!  The power of voice, ritual, & community was definitely present.

From there, we were moved and inspired by Katy Hutchison’s story. Click here to find out more. (My hope is to get her to PG one day!).

I wrapped up the trip at NABOC in Rupert and met up with clients, connected with the Nation2Nation team and ate great food. (I just HAD to show it as the food was amazing!)

So many exciting big projects bubbling up for the rest of 2016. Stay tuned.

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