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Sad/happy day at Live work today. Sad because Katherine is leaving us … But happy because she is getting to continue her great community building work at Nothern Development Inniative Trust. We will miss you Ms. Katherine!

Thanks for the good times. #iheartpg

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Seeing a panicked wave of posts on your Instagram feed? Keep calm and carry on….

Instagram has since issued a statement letting users know it will notify them before rolling out any new changes. “We’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. We promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly,” Posted tonight (Monday March 28, 2016). Read article for more info:


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Awesome to see all these community projects get grants today! Way to go City of Prince George.

Grant recipients for 2016 celebrate their success on the staircase in the Bob Harkins branch of the PG Public Library after this morning’s grant presentation — with Zelda Craig, Lyn Hall, Erica Hummel and Wendy Young.

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What a day! Thank you to everyone that joined us for the first Be the Change Event in Prince George. This day was made possible by Startup Canada, Dell, Catalyst for Growth Fund through Women’s Enterprise Centre, YMCA of Northern BCStrong Girls, Strong World Project (that is a partnership between Plan Canada, YMCA Canada, and YWCA Canada, and has been funded by Status of Women Canada),Innovation Central Society, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory PG and The Hubspace Community.

Our community partners Community Futures Fraser Fort George, Prince George Chamber of Commerce, UNBC University of Northern British Columbia – Community Development Institute and Linda Rempel – Sunlife and Chamber Health and Dental Plan.

Thank you to Bobbi Carpino Photography for these beautiful pictures.

#stronggirlsstrongworld #pgsgsw #econwomen#catlystforgrowth #pgbethechange #startupwomen

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We LOVE community building events! After facilitating collaborative conversations throughout the province this past year, it was great to be able to do one locally in our community of Prince George.

Thank you to IES team from AiMHi – Prince George Association for Community Living for bringing us in to host your community conversation around the employment support network! ‪#‎iheartpg‬

Just in case you are wondering, Shauna is trained as a facilitator via Art of Hosting and has led and co-led conversations as small as 6-10 people, up to a room of 500.

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