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Partnerships really matter when it comes to community building events! Our team together with Province of BC, #‎SD57‬, Innovation Central Society, Melody from Codecreate and UNBC University of Northern British Columbia hosted the ‪#‎CodeCreate‬ event yesterday in ‪‎cityofpg‬.

This event – although for 100+ kids, 24 mentors and 15+ organizing team – was probably one of the smoothest and low stress events we have ever organized because of the partnerships and support of so many amazing people.

Attached is a picture of the morning pre-event “Intention Circle” (FAVOURITE PART!) and then a picture of the organizers involved (a few people missing!)

For more pictures, visit Innovation Central’s album:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

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Partnerships matter as we grow our technology community. Organizing team was made up of people from ‪#‎SD57‬, Province of BC (CodeCreate), NDIT, local tech entrepreneurs, Innovation Central and of course our Live Work team.

In celebration of the ‪#‎HourOfCode‬, a global campaign to raise awareness for computer science education, up to 400 students aged 8 to 18 across BC were introduced to coding for free. ‪#‎CityofPG‬ was chosen as one of four cities to host one of the Code Create events.

Innovation Central Society, together with #SD57, the Province of BC, and UNBC hosted Code Create at John McInnis school on Dec 12.

24 volunteer mentors, teachers and coders came together to teach almost 100 kids how to code and build their own games.The high energy day was filled with laughter and creativity, curiosity and learning, and building blocks for the future.

Thank you to everyone who made this day possible! Please share and spread the word about the importance of computer coding for kids so that we can host more events like this in #cityofpg.

For those of you that missed this day, you can start coding at home with your kids (or ask your schools) via a few links like this:



PHOTO CREDITS: Majority of the pics by Mick Harper with contribution from social media smartphone pics by Melody Ma and SD57. Click here to see all the pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

See a little bit of Katherine’s creative work and magic in the poster below. #cityofpg #hourofcode http://www.codecreate.ca

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Our team should really stick to marketing! Definitely a ‪#‎pinterestfail‬ during our ‪#‎turquoiselifepg‬ team moment on Friday as we tried to piece together a gingerbread house. We finally just put a cup in the middle to hold up the roof! But 100% for effort, laughter and creativity!! So still failing forward !‪#‎winning‬

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In May of this year we held the ENP (Enterprising Not for Profit) breakfast in this space. We knew it was the perfect space to build a community hub for change making work. I’d love to say it was a straight line to today’s announcement but that would be untrue. Instead it was a series of ups and downs (down, downs) where a number of people and organizations helped me hold the possibility that although there were challenges, that it would still happen. Although I quit a number of times, the energy was far greater than one person and things would align and move in place to support this idea.

I am so proud to announce that we will be helping to build with Innovation Central Society & Startup PG the Hubspace Community at 1299 Third ave in the City of PG.

Of course, without hesitation David Bird of Integris Credit Union said, ‘how can we help and we will be your founder partner sponsor’. Words of thanks do not even do justice to the gratitude and faith you have in a project that is still in such beta mode.#yourock Integris!

The list continues to grow with my Livework team, Mick, Bobbi, StartupPg peeps – specifically the THINC. Coworking, ICS board & Matt Hutcheon leading the top of the “you made this happen” thank you list.

The business model is rental of leased space for coworking, hotdesks, a place for community to gather. But the intention and vision is a homebase where change makers, the courageous and curious can connect and move the dial forward in our city, region and beyond. Official launch day is Jan 18th! Can’t wait!

Ps. Livework office/studio is still remaining with Bobbi Carpino Photography.

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It was very exciting to be a part of this inaugural event. As an associate to All Nations Consulting in Prince Rupert, we helped with the website, all the designs (invites, table cards, name tags, agendas) and marketing strategy. The best part of the entire project was being at the event and watching all the moving pieces come together. For the first time in the Northern Region, we were able to see a conversation that was led by the First Nations people. Shauna also had a chance to meet changemaker leaders such as Chief Bernie Mack, Chief Ellis Ross, Chief Joe Alphonse, and Chief Roger William! SO INSPIRING.

Here are some pictures from the N2N Forum in Terrace on Nov 5th. It was a powerful event that brought industry and First Nations together in a conversation led by First Nations people. Going through these pictures once again reminded me why this conversation is so important. Looking forward to bringing it to ‪#‎cityofpg‬ in 2016! (If you check out instagram, you will see a picture of the after party dinner that we had with all the Chiefs too!).


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Phone: 250.960.0198 - Office inside the Hubspace: 1299 Third Ave, Prince George, BC. - Mailing Address: PO Box 12025, Prince George, BC V2L 0A8


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