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Just in case you’re freaking out about the NEW Facebook Feature, check out this post by Erin Blaskie.
PS. Remain calm and carry on.

“For everyone panicking about the new Facebook feature that will let them listen in to your conversations via the app, let me clear up some misconceptions.

1. It’s only rolling out in the US.

2. It’s optional and you HAVE to opt-in for it. Don’t want it? Don’t opt-in for it.

3. It only listens in if you’ve opted in and when you are composing a status update. Otherwise, it is not actively engaged.

Find out more in the official Facebook announcement. A lot of blogs are using fear mongering data for page views.


(See, even the title stresses “optional”)”

Thanks Erin!

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Google just rolled out another big algorithm yesterday code-named Panda 4.0. This is another move to weed out “spammy low-quality sites” but this definition is broad.Industry is expecting e-commerce sites to be affected negatively again. Will keep you posted

(Wonder what will happen when they run out of cool animals to name their algorithms after?)


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