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Whether you are already a strong leader or you are still working on your leadership voice, what I know to be true about leadership… and most things in life… is that you never stop learning.

This is why I am so excited that Women’s Enterprise Centre is coming up to Prince George on May 11, 2013 to lead:

Stepping Up – Uncover Your True Leadership Potential

I remember last year hearing MaryAnn Arcand in an open Q&A ask the question, “How can we create or support more women leaders in the North?” It was a fantastic question to table and I believe this workshop is just the beginning of opening up that conversation.

This is not your typical workshop.

Women’s Enterprise Centre style learning doesn’t teach from a stage, but instead shares stories to help you reflect back into your life. Through this storytelling format, the other attendees and facilitator, Dawn McCooey from Victoria, we walk together in a sisterhood-style growth where we pull each other up as we learn what makes us tick as women.

Through self-introspection this workshop brings you through:

  • · What are the strengths and weaknesses of your communication style
  • · How do you manage change, transition and transformation in your life
  • · What are your core values and how do they show up when you’re leading
  • · Where to find the courage and support

There is no doubt that there are strong female leaders already in Prince George. To list just a few:

Janine North (NDIT), Heather Oland (IPG), Jennifer Brandle-McCall (Chamber), Susan Stearns (Community Futures), Shari Green (Mayor of PG), MaryAnne Arcand (Forestry Carbon Corp), Cathy Ulrich (Northern Health), Jessica Aldred (Spirit of the North), Shirley Bond (Liberal MLA), Wendy Young (Community Arts Council), Ranjit Gill (Railway Forestry Museum), Tracy McCall (Freepress), Tracy Calogheros (Exploration Place), Alex Goseltine (Northern BC Real Estate Board)… and probably some more that I am missing!

However, the growth of the north is going to take even more leaders.

Without talking to each other, we are unable to support one another and more importantly, get insight on how we operate as individuals so that we can lead with confidence and courage.

Lee Foulds Andrews has led the partnership with WEC and together they are committed to bringing this to Prince George… no matter what. In our conversation yesterday we talked about how our city is a “last minute city” to buy tickets… Because of it, often programs like this are cancelled.

Don’t let this happen.

Get your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, co-workers, teachers, coaches and peers – and let’s build a resiliency in northern women by starting with ourselves. Buy your ticket today.

Leaders come in all forms: the loud and publicly visible, to those who watch and lead in their own special way, to the teachers, coaches, and all of those that hold the hands of our children to make them feel safe.

No matter which one describes you… as long as you are a woman looking to make a difference in the North, we want you to join us.

Take a moment for yourself and awaken the leader inside of you by investing 3 hours to join us on Saturday morning on May 11, 2013.


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