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1st Year Anniversary

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I can’t believe it has already been a year! Today was a big day not just for the studio, but also as I stepped into the position of Interim Executive Director of Innovation Central Society.

Live Work Communications will still be operating business as usual, but I am helping ICS bridge the gap as they find their next Executive Director. I could not do this without an incredible team(Chrystal & Katherine), cofounder (Mick) and studio partner (Bobbi). Also big thanks also goes to the forward thinking Board of ICS and our community partners such as David and Dan from Integris Credit Union.

There will be big news coming in the next few weeks and it will make more sense around why I have taken on this new position. But for now, cheers to 1255 4th Studio!

Happy 1st year Studio Birthday to us and the best studio partner, Bobbi Carpino Photography!#lovedowntownpg

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